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I’ve just read about this initiative and think it really helps humans AND (unwanted) dogs. Would be great if something similar could be arranged in the UK.

(Source: see website)
Our Mission

Freedom Service Dogs, Inc. rescues dogs from shelters and trains each dog to assist people with disabilities. Our custom trained service dogs assist their partners in day-to-day activities providing their human companions with a greater degree of independence and an overall higher quality of life.

Our History
FSD was founded in 1987 as a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization by Mike and P.J. Roche. Both Mike and P.J. were active with Assistance Dogs International (ADI) when the assistance dog industry was in its infancy. The Roche’s worked diligently to transform FSD from a two person “mom and pop shop” to an organization that stands on its own merits. Since its inception, FSD has successfully paired more than 100 client-service dog teams in Colorado.

The FSD Difference

  • Rescues dogs – FSD rescues and trains only unwanted and abandoned dogs, helping solve the pet overpopulation problem. There is no puppy-raising program. We turn “throw-aways” into superstars!
  • Custom trains – FSD matches dogs to their new partner and custom trains the dog to do the specific tasks required by each individual.
  • Provides hands-on support – FSD visits our clients in their homes, offices, and schools to introduce the service dog and to help maintain a successful team.
  • Maximizes your donation – FSD ensures 85¢ of every dollar spent goes directly toward program expenses.
  • Teaches dogs to work with a wag – FSD uses positive reinforcement – treats, praise, petting – to shape play behaviors (retrieve, tug, paw, touch) into

Five of 16 professional service dogs graduating in 2008. Congratulations!

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Summer in Norfolk

Oh, I so much enjoy the beach, not only in the summer. But especially then. On our beach, we get quite nice breezes which make my ears fly.


Some people think that looks funny… I don’t mind. I’m not vain. I just know that I’m beautiful, so what.


Sometimes, Alpha Su throws us some bottles to retrieve from the sea. I tend to do her that favour, although I’d rather sniff and bumble around instead of constantly exercising.


My daughter however is much keener to jump in – well she’s 4 years younger than me and does not yet know about ageing gracefully.

Anyway, hope we’ll go today again!

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