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wolf in sheepskin

Hi folks,

you recognise me? I am that white sheep with a black head, a unique creation.

A cosy solution for a cold winter’s day, but in July…

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Do we look similar?

This is my daughter Mali (left) and me:

Humans are so sentimental about the two of us being mother and daughter. Do I still know that I’m her mum? Of course I do. However, I am not particularly fond of her being my baby… I’m the boss, that’s for sure, ans I care for her as I care for the rest of the pack. Nothing more, or less…

And when it comes to food, well… forget about motherhood. Who comes first, eats first!

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The two muses

Alpha Su is a painter, but she’s not very good in painting BLACK labradors. Maybe she’ll learn one day. But for the time being, we pretend being yellow, or blue or green, depending on her mood.

We love her nonetheless, because she always treats us with lots of chewing bones if we’re a pain and she wants to keep us quiet. She thinks that for us it’s a privilege to be in her studio with her, whereas we know that she really enjoys and needs our peaceful and selfless company. (Until someone rings the doorbell or it’s time for our supper that is…)

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ball games

My daughter goes mad for balls. Now that I’m older, I am much more laid back and prefer sniffing around the garden or creep away if nobody watches me.

her favourite toy – Beckham would envy her
her favourite toy, signed by David Beckham!

She shows no respect for his autograph though…

Look how proud she is, although this ball has nearly lost all its air. What would Beckham say?

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summer fun

We had friends over for two weeks; that was a great time for Mali and me, because the kids loved to play with us. Now they are gone, and I am a bit bored. But then, I love my peace and quiet, too.

with my little friend

you can tell we had a great time

… although they were not very happy when I showed them their ball!

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…and give us our daily bone

I love chewing my bone outside in the garden. Of course together with Mali, who imitates me in everything. Quite annoying, but at least I can say I’m a role model.

not so flattering shot, I know… but I don’t mind.

Hey, Paparazzi, can you stop this!

that’s on rainy days … our daily bone in Alpha Su’s attic

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guard dog

I am a retriever, that’s obvious, but look what I found in the sand at the beach:

Shocking, isn’t it? This poor little girl has been buried there, although she doesn’t seem to be unhappy about it. Anyway, I’ll keep guarding her until someone claims her back…

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boooring day

It has been raining all day long. They say, the garden needs it, yes, but I don’t. This is not funny at all. I just feel absolutely bored, tired, and the only highlight will be my DINNER … soon, hopefully!

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I did it again

Oh Lord, I have to confess… I did it again. Today. At around 2pm, when nobody was watching. The thing is, as I’m black, they think it’s a shadow disappearing through the front door, and then they forget about it. Of course, sooner or later, they start wondering where I am, they become more and more frantic in their search effort, and finally they’ll realise that I’ve done it again. Ha!

No, I never said I was an angel. The horrible torture device, this electric collar, they sent it away last year because they thought they would never need it for me again. The people where one of my daughters, Lily, lives wanted to try it on Lily. She seems to have inherited the same sudden urge to wander off, just like me.

So now they might ask the collar back. I escaped today, I couldn’t help it. There was some irresistible smell of roasted meat in the air, and I had just to follow my nose. Which led me into areas of my village I had never been before. Kitchen doors were rudely shut at me, nasty people chased me away, and finally, very frustrated, I ended up in a horse stable where I just filled my groaning stomach with dry horse food reminding me of sawdust.

My way home was hard work then, as the horse food started to form a heavy lump inside me. They were not exactly pleased to see me coming back, although I tried my best smile and all my charme.

No hugs and kisses, no relief or treats. I got a very modest dinner (couldn’t have coped with a big one anyway), whereas Mali engulfed a huge bowl of glorious food. Oh well, I’ll retire now to digest. Probably I’ll have to chase them up in the night because of an urgent need… either through my guts, or my throat!

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flower power

Would you believe that this photo was taken only 4 weeks ago? You can still see patches of snow amongst the daffodils, and now it’s steaming hot outside! I’m not sure what I prefer… the heat makes me sleepy, I think I am a real dog from the Arctic Labrador!

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