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Autumn in Norfolk

I quite like this time of the year. They start heating the house a bit more, and my favourite place is definitely in front of the Aga. Ufortunately, there’s only ONE basket but TWO dogs. Well, I don’t mind just leaning at the boiling hot Aga, as long as they don’t start cooking and opening Aga doors, pushing me away, treading on my tail… you know!

See what I mean? – Anyway, I also like being outside, as long as it’s warm and sunny. Having a good old chew, rolling on the grass, digging a few holes… that’s life!

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…and give us our daily bone

I love chewing my bone outside in the garden. Of course together with Mali, who imitates me in everything. Quite annoying, but at least I can say I’m a role model.

not so flattering shot, I know… but I don’t mind.

Hey, Paparazzi, can you stop this!

that’s on rainy days … our daily bone in Alpha Su’s attic

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