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Apparently, we were domesticated from our wolf ancestors about 15,000 years ago. This date would make us, the K9s,  the first species to be domesticated by humans.

Evidence suggests that we were first domesticated in East Asia, possibly China, and some of the peoples who entered North America took us with them from Asia.

The wolf. Illustration: The wolf approaches a sheepfold like a dog, stealthily and silently, without waking the shepherd. His eyes shine at night like lamps.

As humans migrated around the planet a variety of K9 forms migrated with them. The agricultural revolution and subsequent urban revolution led to an increase in the dog population and a demand for specialization. These circumstances would provide the opportunity for selective breeding to create specialized working dogs and pets.

This all shows that the relationship between human and canine has deep roots.

So who exactly are we? How did we become these more than recognised 800 breeds and uncountable mongrels?
Dogs are not simply domesticated wolves. They are truly their own species, shaped by the same process that created coyotes and other canids that have split from each other on the family tree. Perhaps by viewing dogs as deformed or substandard wolves created by people, we fundamentally misunderstand and underestimate them as the unique species that they are.”

How true!

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