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We had wonderful pigs’ ears this year, and loads of other stuff from their table. There was a real feast going on, so we sneaked around and kept our mouths wide open…

On Boxing Day, we went to visit our friend Pippa…


Our Chistmas tree was heavily adorned… with real candles and sparkles.


I hope you all had a very happy Christmas!

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I am very proud of my breed. Yes. Did you know that Labradors are popular not only as guide dogs and gun dogs, but as company for presidents and even THE QUEEN?

Look at this…

This is Vladimir Putin and his lab Koni…

and here’s Bill Clinton with Buddy.

And there you are! Corgis – well,  of course, but who’s her favourite?

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Food and us

Christmas is well on it’s way, and wonderful smells of baking biscuits fill the house. Being Labs, we’d do anything for food. Yesterday I even tried beetroot – 4 **** – today some pumpkin – 3***. As you see, I am very conscious about the right  intake of vitamins, Omegas… and anything else.  For my digestion, I consume vast amounts of fresh grass. Very healthy!


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