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walk on the wild side

Today it was boiling hot which for a black lab is hellish. So I escaped during our walk to have a quick dive in the muddy pond. Heaven! Except for afterwards, I was hosepiped (which I HATE), and all the lovely smelly stuff went down the gully. To dry my coat, I had a good roll in the dusty drive. And believe it or not – they hosepiped me again! Then I was pulled on the lawn to dry and roll there. I gave up and did what they wanted…

Mali had a good race through the sugarbeet fields. That’s why she missed the muddy pond. However, she managed to find some exquisit fox poo to perfume her whole body with. Good girl!! Of course, she got the old hosepipe treatment as well. Aren’t we lucky mutts, with such caring humans?

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wolf in sheepskin

Hi folks,

you recognise me? I am that white sheep with a black head, a unique creation.

A cosy solution for a cold winter’s day, but in July…

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Do we look similar?

This is my daughter Mali (left) and me:

Humans are so sentimental about the two of us being mother and daughter. Do I still know that I’m her mum? Of course I do. However, I am not particularly fond of her being my baby… I’m the boss, that’s for sure, ans I care for her as I care for the rest of the pack. Nothing more, or less…

And when it comes to food, well… forget about motherhood. Who comes first, eats first!

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This is a dream

Can you believe this? Me, posing with a cat? I think I’m dreaming… Is this a nightmare? Doesn’t look like it, does it?

Anyway, I guess it’s one of Su’s artistic experiments. She’s fiddling around with Photoshop, and apparently I am the appropriate practice device. So, why not. I love the painting though. We don’t know by whom it is, but it shows that painting a black animal is possible after all!

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The two muses

Alpha Su is a painter, but she’s not very good in painting BLACK labradors. Maybe she’ll learn one day. But for the time being, we pretend being yellow, or blue or green, depending on her mood.

We love her nonetheless, because she always treats us with lots of chewing bones if we’re a pain and she wants to keep us quiet. She thinks that for us it’s a privilege to be in her studio with her, whereas we know that she really enjoys and needs our peaceful and selfless company. (Until someone rings the doorbell or it’s time for our supper that is…)

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ball games

My daughter goes mad for balls. Now that I’m older, I am much more laid back and prefer sniffing around the garden or creep away if nobody watches me.

her favourite toy – Beckham would envy her
her favourite toy, signed by David Beckham!

She shows no respect for his autograph though…

Look how proud she is, although this ball has nearly lost all its air. What would Beckham say?

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summer fun

We had friends over for two weeks; that was a great time for Mali and me, because the kids loved to play with us. Now they are gone, and I am a bit bored. But then, I love my peace and quiet, too.

with my little friend

you can tell we had a great time

… although they were not very happy when I showed them their ball!

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